Enchanted Bag of Holding

An enchanted bag of holding belonging to Nephthys


This Bag of Holding, like every Bag of Holding, has access to non-dimensional, or pocket space, which makes it larger inside than outside. No matter what has been placed inside this Bag, it retains the same size, shape, and weight.

This specific Bag of Holding cannot be burned, blown up, cut, or ruined by mud or water. It’s impervious to all the elements. Nothing can cut it or damage it. Seriously, nothing can damage it. It was probably forged from the core of a dying star by Dwarven Blacksmiths or something.

This bag has no limits to the weight or object size that can be placed inside, and it cannot be cursed or spelled. However, should the carrier of the bag become invisible, the bag does too.

But this specific Bag can access the multi-verse, and can pilfer items that have been placed inside any Bag of Holding ever created in any dimension or in any time period. The only items that stay constant are the ones put specifically in the bag by the current owner. Pilfered items, if placed back into the bag by the owner, stay in the owner’s possession, and do not return to the original bag.


While roaming the landscape, Nephthys overheard a clamor of voices. Elbowing her way through the circle of people, Nephthys took in the scene. A noble and his caravan stood over a dead citizen, who was foolishly attempting to force himself upon his goods. While the crowd was thinning Nephthys’ noticed an oddly crafted bag clasped in the corpse’s hand. Acquiring it for her own, she searched through it for valuables. She was intrigued to discover that the bag contained an assortment of random, if mundane, items inside – far more than should have been possible. She was attempting to investigate further when she was suddenly compelled to the lord. Detached, she stepped lightly and swiftly to the caravan unnoticed. Her hand plunged through the piles of drawn goods, and without hesitation drew out a Dragonshard Gem and placed it in the bag. Instantaneously, she regained control of her limbs, but only in time to be noticed by the lord’s followers. Angered by her theft, they advanced. Seeing no alternative, Nephthys decided to return the loot. While attempting to withdraw the Dragonshard however, her grasp fell upon a creature. Surprised, she pulled back her hand as an elephant came charging out of the bag. Taking advantage of the distraction Nephthys left.

In order to ignore the whims of the Bag, a base Will save of DC 10 must be passes (i.e. to avoid compulsive stealing of random objects)

The more often the owner withdraws items, the harder it is to resist the Bag’s wishes. (After every item taken out, the DC increases by 1) The DC resets back to 10 once the owner successfully steals an item the Bag wants. If a DC check is failed, the owner has to return the item recently taken.

Mundane items :(i.e. hammer, rope) can be pulled from the bag at will
Uncommon items :(i.e. caltrops, common potions, wheel and pulley) 3/day, which are a one time use items (i.e. breaks after use, or is completely used up.)
Wondrous/Rare items:the at will drawing of these items(i.e. Magical items or rare items, higher potions, very specific things) require the offering or the exchange of a gem.

The Higher quality of the gem, the more Awesome(rarity, value etc) exchange one can ask for.

If a Dragon Shard is given, nearly anything can be obtained in return.

Enchanted Bag of Holding

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